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Hey Jamie and all,

I think this is absolutely terrible news!

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  Hey all,
      I thought I'd stick in my two cents before the spin machine takes over.  
After a 15 year association with Benetech and Arkenstone before it, I have 
resigned my position as Technical Projects Associate with the Benetech 
Initiative.  The lack of sponsorship to go to CSUN was just one symptom in an 
increasingly hostile and counter-productive relationship I've had with the 
current senior management of Bookshare.  While the immediate reaction from 
management was to turn off all access to my account, even my access to read 
books, I still believe it to be a fundamentally terrific service and one worth 
supporting.  I believe it is current management's misunderstanding of me as a 
person which, undoubtedly, led to the inference that I would use my knowledge 
of the web site's underlying code to do damage to its content or its user 
records.  As I've indicated, I have total support for Bookshare and the rest of 
Jim Fruchterman's visions.  I hope that he will one day be able to find senior  
management worthy of them.
      This does not mean you won't be seeing me at conferences such as CSUN, 
NFB, etc.  My associations in the world of Accessible Technology are 
long-standing and still of great interest to me.  Thanks.

                  Peter Scialli

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