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Bookshare.org and YouSounds like a great turn of events for Bookshare! How cool!
Jamie D.
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  For the last year, the Bookshare.org community, including staff, volunteers, 
members, and partners, have been challenged by a variety of things including 
staffing, funding, book processing, and more funding.  

  Things have recently changed however.  The following will outline the high 
level happenings that will directly affect you over the next few months and 

  1.  Overall Benetech funding got a huge kick start from the founders of eBay 
last month.

  2.  As a result, the first open requisition at Benetech was for Bookshare.org 
Manager, Alternative Media.  

  3.  As of last Monday, Ms. Jennifer Sutton has agreed to join the staff of 
Bookshare.org in Palo Alto to build the Bookshare.org collection of the future. 
 If you don't know Jennifer, she has worked for organizations such as NCB 
Development Corporation, Washington, DC; Recording for the Blind & Dyslexic; 
CAST, Inc.; Library of Congress, National Library Service for the Blind and 
Physically Handicapped; and the DAISY Consortium.  She has authored or 
co-authored articles and publications such as "DAISY For All: Publishers' 
Collaboration Enabling Print Access," Information Technology and Disabilities, 
2004; the DAISY News (Editor) for the DAISY Consortium, 2002 - 2004; A Guide to 
Making Documents Accessible, American Council of the Blind, 2002; "Dial A for 
Access:  Getting Cell Phones You Can Really Use," AccessWorld, 2002; "An 
Analysis of Collection Development and Collection Management for 
Bookshare.org," Benetech, 2001; "How to Get an Accessible Telephone," American 
Foundation for the Blind, 2001; "A Dip into Accessibility on the WWW," 
presented at Kansas State University, 2001.  

  Bottom line - she is a Bookshare.org member, one of the most knowledgeable 
people about accessible formats - DAISY, NIMAS and BRF - and she's now working 
for all of us.  Jennifer will be at CSUN on March 23rd to meet with 
Bookshare.org's members, volunteers, and partners.  

  4.  Marissa Mika set a new level of quality in supporting you, the 
Bookshare.org Volunteers.  As a result, we have created a new role of overall 
support to customers and volunteers.  This position was posted at the Benetech 
website yesterday afternoon: 


  "This position provides support to a wide range of Bookshare.org customers 
from Internet beginners to IT professionals. The incumbent in this position 
also serves as the voice and champion/advocate of the Bookshare.org remote 
volunteers within the Bookshare.org organization."   

  If you are interested in applying for this role (which is based in Palo 
Alto), please contact me directly at janice.c@xxxxxxxxxxxxx  

  If you have any questions about any other issues, call me anytime at either 
of the numbers below.

  Thanks again for your support.  

  Janice Carter

  Director, Literacy Programs


  480 S. California Ave., Suite 201

  Palo Alto, CA 94306-1609 USA

  (650) 475-5440 x122

  (650) 759-5828 cell

  (650) 475-1066 fax



  The Benetech Initiative - Technology Serving Humanity 

  A Nonprofit Organization

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