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  • Date: Fri, 24 Mar 2006 14:22:54 -0800

I wrote to podiobooks thanking them for making such an accessible site and
got back this nice reply:

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From: Chris Miller [mailto:chris@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx]
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We're doing everything we can to make the site was easy and accessible.
We're glad to hear to hear that our efforts are doing some good!

In the future, if you or anyone in the blind community has trouble using the
website, please do not hesitate to let us know. We know that the blind
community is one of the primary consumers of audiobooks, and we would hate
to allow something as ephemeral as site design or slick coding to get in the
way of how accessible the site is.

Take care, and as usual, please let us know if you have any other comments,
questions or concerns!

-Chris Miller

Chris Miller
Co-Founder and Lead Developer, Podiobooks.com
aim: ChrisAtPB

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From: Debee Norling [mailto:debee@xxxxxxxx]
Sent: Friday, March 24, 2006 12:08 AM
To: chris@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Subject: Podiobooks Feedback

Thank you so much for making an accessible website. I am blind and a very
experienced computer user.

I am tired of writing to webmasters to complain that their sites are not
accessible. For example, many of us have plowed through audible's website,
and given them lots of money too, even as it gets less and less accessible.
An ebook reader designed especially for the blind, the Book Courier
was even modified so it could play the protected books from audible.
However, I don't plan to send any more money to audible since they ignore
our requests to make their site accessible and since I discovered your site.
now I'll be singing the praises of podiobooks to the blind community, and
I've already sent donations to authors. I've posted to several
blindness-related mailing lists about how easy to navigate your site is and
I bought a print copy of Earthcore for my sighted husband's birthday.
Today many blind people earn good incomes in fields like social work,
teaching, law  and software engineering and we are happy to contribute
financially if you just keep the good books coming!
Deborah Norling, Milpitas, CA

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