[bct] FW: New Version of audibleManager and New Scripts

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This is for all of you who use JAWS with Audible.  I know nothing other than
what is written below, as I do not use JAWS at all.

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Subject: New Version of audibleManager and New Scripts

To Everyone Interested in AudibleManager:

I have been working very closely with the folks at audible since
mid-December to improve the accessibility of the newest version of Audible
Manager.  Their developer even came to my house a couple of times so I could
show him what was needed to make AudibleManager as accessible as possible.
The newest version, has just been released and is available at the
audible site.

Furthermore, I have written new scripts for this version of AudibleManager
which have just been posted on the FS website.  All of the information
needed to download the new version of AudibleManager and the scripts is
shown in the FAQ which I have copied below.  Please note that these scripts
are for JAWS 7.0 only.  They may not work properly for earlier versions of

I wish to commend audible for their interest and dedication to making their
software accessible.  Please support this company as they have worked very
hard to give us what we need.

The following FAQ has been posted to the Freedom Scientific web site:

Bulletin Type: FAQ 

Date Posted: 03/10/2006 

Product Name: JAWS 

Version: 7.0 

Category: AudibleManager 


Can I use JAWS with AudibleManager version 5? 


Yes. Audible Version 5 has been specifically designed with screen reader
access in mind so that all functions can be accessed with the keyboard and
all controls can be accessed with a screen reader. New JAWS scripts have
been created to optimize the experience with Audible 5. The scripts provided
for download from this FAQ are for use with JAWS 7.0 only. 

1. Download the file, AudibleManager_JAWS70.zip from the following location
and extract it to an easily accessible folder on your computer:

2. Extract the contents of the downloaded .zip file to a folder on your
computer. Contents should include eight files: 

3. Navigate to that folder, select all the files, and press CTRL+C to copy
them to the Clipboard.

4. Open the Start menu and choose Programs or All Programs, JAWS 7.0,
Explore JAWS, Explore My Settings.

5. Press CTRL+V to paste the files into the folder.

AudibleManager 5 (version can be downloaded from

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