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MessageHey Darren, that sounds like a double ouch!!!  Glad you're on the mend.

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  Wow! Do you think it could have anything to do with you demoing the doll even 
though you reset her?weird stuff huh?

  On another note, I am recovering from a operation on Last Friday Where I had 
2 hernias removed from my lower abdomen. I'm still in allot of pain but I'm 
home from work and I'm taking lots of pain killers. I'm hanging in there!

  Can't wait to get back in to podcasting for Blind Cool Tech!

  Yall take care now!
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    I'm glad people enjoyed the Amazing Amanda demo.  I used the plextalk ptr1 
to record that one.  Actually though, Amanda isn't as amazing as she appears.  
Despite having reset her, she does not want to recognise my daughter Bethany as 
her Mum.  Bethany speaks quite clearly for a young child, so I am really quite 
disappointed in the doll.  We have decided not to play with her until Bethany 
is a little older.



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