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At Today's session Stephen Guerra of Independent Living Aids presented the
new Milestone 311  player/recorder fully accessible recordeing device to us.
Here's the information.
This information will be made available on the Accessible Devices Website in
the Archives section under Recorders/Players.
The Milestone 311
Easy use and Accessible Voice Recorder/MP3 Player The Milestone 311 is a
tiny credit card size unit which enables you to have a Digital Voice
recorder and MP3 player all in one, best of all, it is completely
Exciting features of the Milestone are:
1. Record those notes you need in a hurry 2. Play your favorite MP3 music
and PodCasts 3. Easily transfer files with the provided USB cable 4. Label
the folders of the unit with your voice 5. Easily play, delete and manage
the files and folders on the unit The Milestone is furnished with:
1. Rechargeable batteries and an AC Adapter 2. A cloth neck strap 3.
Internal speaker 4. Built-in microphone 5. 3.5MM earphone/external
Microphone jack 6. Only six keys for complete navigation.
Recordings are saved in MP3 format, at 192 Bit Per Second and 44.100 Hz.
The Milestone provides voice feedback while you maneuver around the unit, in
a clear female voice.
The Milestone has an internal memory of 256 Megabytes, (2 hours of
recording) but
has the opportunity for use of a Secure Digital Card up to two (2)
Gigabytes, (140 hours of recording).
For more information, please ask customer service about available available
SD cards for your Milestone.
You can contact Independent Living Aids at:
(800) 537-2118
or via E-Mail at:
Stephen A. Guerra
Assistive Technology Specialist
Independent Living Aids
200 Robbins Lane
Building A, Suite 100
Jericho, NY 11753
Phone: (516) 937-1848
  Fax: (516) 937-3906

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