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Thanks Maria R and Neal for passing this along. Actually, there is now a link to this on www.tabinc.orgg . Go to the link entitled "Community News," and click on it and the study is there. I'd also encourage those of you who haven't done so yet, to check out the "Community News" blog and the other blogs located on www.tabinc.org . I've found it to be a very helpful resource and outlet for expressing opinions.
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Maria R, sent this to me to make sure it was OK to post. It may give some of you a way to change the way things are.


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Subject: [acbny-l] ada employment study

Hi All,

The information below may be of help to some folks on this list.

John Farina

  ADA Employment Study Online Discussion Announcement:
>  The National Council on Disability is currently conducting a
study that will
>  gather information from a wide range of sources and
stakeholders regarding the
>  issues that persons with disabilities encounter in seeking and
>  employment.  Rutgers University Program for Disability Research
is facilitating
>  this discussion for NCD via an online bulletin board  Please
read the following
>  invitation from Rutgers University for information about
joining in.
>  Rutgers University Program for Disability Research invites you
to participate
>  in a discussion of important issues facing persons with
disabilities who are
>  working or who want to work.  The purpose of this online
discussion is to
>  inform policy and program recommendations for employment
opportunities for
>  individuals with disabilities.
>  Your participation is entirely voluntary.  You can choose
whether you want to
>  read information, respond to issues, or raise issues on this
>  discussion.  The amount of time that you spend on it will be up
to you.  You can choose to
>  remain anonymous by not including your name or identifying
information OR you
>  can choose to include your name and identifying information.
You will be
>  directed to our welcome letter for more information about this
study when you
>  first enter the online discussion.
>  This online discussion is funded by the National Council on
>  It is located at httpccwwwddncdadaemploymentstudyddcom
>  Please review the first post in the bulletin board for further
>  including contact information for the study, at
> httpccwwwddncdadaemploymentstudyddcom/viewtopicddphp"id equals
>  Thank you for visiting the 2005-2006 Employment Study Online
> DiscussionstBulletin Board.  This study, funded by the National
Council on Disability, will
>  gather information from a wide range of sources and
stakeholders regarding the
>  issues that persons with disabilities encounter in seeking and
>  employment.
>  This information will be used to recommend new policy and
program initiatives
>  designed to improve employment options and opportunities for
persons with
>  disabilities.  This study will result in a comprehensive report
and set of policy
>  recommendations, to be provided the National Council on
Disability, by June 1,
>  2006.  NCD will be responsible for the release and
dissemination of all study
>  findings.
>  We invite you to participate in this study by communicating
your concerns and
>  employment experiences as a person with a disability, an
employer, a service
>  provider, or other stakeholder.  The study is open to anyone
interested in
>  these issues.  You can react to questions and information that
study researchers
>  and others post on this bulletin board, or you can initiate
discussion on any
>  other topic or issue relating to employment for persons with
>  Project researchers will monitor this bulletin board regularly.
Because this
>  is an online discussion, your comments will be available to
others accessing
>  this bulletin board.  Therefore, if you choose to include your
name or other
>  identifying information in your response, others willá"chand
> continued at:
> httpccwwwddaapaid-dcddorgstNewsstempissuesstNCD-ADASTUDYDDHTM

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