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Hmmm! It's too bad it doesn't say something like "We have recorded your
number and will be sending it to the attorney general.  It's also too
bad that you have to have caller ID in order to really make this work.
Of course, you could randomly press star each time the phone rang and
see how many friends you had left after a month or so.


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check out this web sight.
it's a little device that connects to your phone and when your phone
rings and you find out it's a telemarketer you just hit the star button
and hang up.  the phone butler tells them to kindly not call you again.

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ME> Dan and all,
ME> I probably mentioned that a few months ago I got a call from FS 
ME> Sales,
ME> trying to sell me their latest Pac Mate Add-on for navigating; I
said I 
ME> wasn't interested, and this rude individual said, "Oh, you don't
leave the 
ME> house?" Next time he pulls something like that, I will tell him
ME> limited funds. This guy had no business making such a comment, and,
ME> addition, I hate phone  solicitations,not to mention door to door 
ME> solicitations. I don't know why FS has done this sort of thing over
the past 
ME> few years, but it is very annoying. It's gotten to the point where
ME> happens every few months. I wrote them an e-mail recently,
requesting that 
ME> they not call me any more; I am sure they ignored it and deleted it
ME> respecting my wishes.
ME> I could go on about door to door sales and proselytizing but I won't

ME> go
ME> there unless somebody continues the topic. I can be quite rude when
they get 
ME> pushy; I hate being rude though; would rather be civil, but
ME> civility doesn't work.
ME> Mary

Chris G <chrisg@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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