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Mary, another thing I have done when I get a sales call and they ask for
me is that I will say just a moment, and put them on hold.  I go back in
about 5 minutes to see if they are still there.  Normally they are not,
but sometimes they still are.  In any case, I have prevented them from
bothering someone else for a little while.  I used to get calls from a
telephone company I won't name asking me to switch to their service.  I
would yell into the phone something like, "Could you please speak up, I
can't hear you.  You must be using X telephone service.  You should
think about changing to something better."


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Dan and all,

I probably mentioned that a few months ago I got a call from FS Sales, 
trying to sell me their latest Pac Mate Add-on for navigating; I said I 
wasn't interested, and this rude individual said, "Oh, you don't leave
house?" Next time he pulls something like that, I will tell him about 
limited funds. This guy had no business making such a comment, and, in 
addition, I hate phone  solicitations,not to mention door to door 
solicitations. I don't know why FS has done this sort of thing over the
few years, but it is very annoying. It's gotten to the point where it 
happens every few months. I wrote them an e-mail recently, requesting
they not call me any more; I am sure they ignored it and deleted it
respecting my wishes.

I could go on about door to door sales and proselytizing but I won't go 
there unless somebody continues the topic. I can be quite rude when they
pushy; I hate being rude though; would rather be civil, but occasionally

civility doesn't work.


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