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  • Date: Wed, 1 Feb 2006 21:19:11 -0600

Oh, makes sense that they should work on unknown callers. Telemarketers don't make it show private, but unknown which in effect really means the same thing, but business probably has a way of making it so the phone company doesn't know where private means they do but the caller chose that.

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Actually, my privacy manager blocks anybody who isn't identified, and my phone never rings if they don't want to go through the "hold on while I try to contact the recipient" deal. They hang up and don't want to hang on, because they have a quota to meet for that day, and the effort to have my phone ring, me answer it and choose option 4 to get rid of them just takes too long; phone company purposely draws it out so it takes more than 30 seconds. I am most grateful for this..


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