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When I lived with my folks, we got so many telemarketing calls it was amazing! 
My father was and probably still is a class act in this regard. Each time we'd 
get one of those calls and he picked up the phone, he'd carry on a conversation 
using the person's name as if they'd known each other forever. then as the 
conversation really heated up, my dad would tell the person thanks but no 
thanks and then he'd make up some excuse and slam down the phone. I can 
remember one time, he asked a lady who was going on and on about whatever, "Hey 
lady, do you ever take a breath?"
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  Hi Mary,

  I believe that even if you have done business with a company in the past six 
months you can request to be added to their no-call list after they make the 
first post-call sale.  I have not researched this, but this is my recollection 
from class.

  Never give anyone over the phone information - including your financial 
ability to afford or not afford.  "Please place me on your "do not call list" 
and hanging up should be sufficient according to my consumer law professor.  He 
stated that if they call back again ask to speak to a manager of the call 
center and tell them that if they call again after your request that you will 
report them to the attorney general of your state.  That usually stops them as 
the call centers don't want any problems. 

  And if they do call back, contact the AG's office and file a complaint - or 
whatever agency handles such stuff in your state. 

  Consumers do have rights and protections and most states have fairly good 
mini-FTC acts.  


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