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I have a new invention, you press the "star" key and a hand reaches through the phone and wraps duct tape over the callers mouth. It only hurts a little when they later rip it off.

Seriously I always get them into some conversation they don't want to have like, "what percentage of my donation would go to the actual recipient.". One guy couldn't understand why I laughed at his answer of 20%. I guess he felt that an 80% overhead was perfectly acceptible. I sometimes just say silly things like, "can I read you something?". Or, "do you have a dollar I can borrow?". I really don't think they care if you threaten them since it will be another of their fellow callers who will call you the next time. A friend of mine used to work for a local company which took contracts to provide telemarketing using all blind people on their workforce. They worked for 3 bucks per hour or something like that and some commission for over a certain amount of positive calls per hour. These idiots were the ones who kept offering me a newspaper subscription and I kept saying, "for the last time, I'm blind, what would I do with the newspaper?". The company was run by the local "society for the blind". And, yes, they sold lightbulbs too.

Jeff Armstrong
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I do have my number on the no-call list, and I also have privacy manager with the phone company, which is wonderful! I also have call screening for the local people who can't dial a phone correctly.


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