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I hates tele-marketer scum.  lol  If you don't have a legit number then 
voice mail you go.



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Yeah, skype is so plainly obvious. For me, it shois spoken as 0001234567 or
maybe 0001112345. I used to get, in another town, calls with all 9's. Call
block fixed that as you answer and hear dial tone.

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> Another thing you can check is to see if your phone company offers
> something that will see that the caller is blocking caller ID and will
> present the caller with a message that says that their call will not be
> accepted.  Our provider has this and I suspect it has saved a lot of
> hassles.  However, companies and especially political groups are getting
> around this by placing unused numbers in the caller ID so the phone
> company computers thinks it is from a legitimate caller.  When I look at
> the number, it's often something like 000-0001, or something just as
> unlikely.
> Unfortunately, I don't have this on my business line and a few days ago
> I got a call from the group that sells light bulbs to help the blind.
> As I don't know any blind people who have been helped by the sale of
> light bulbs, I played along with them.  When they told me that these
> bulbs would guarantee that I would be able to see things much clearer, I
> told them to send me a case for free in that because I was blind myself,
> any help they could give me in clarifying my sight would be a big help.
> Of course, I got a hang-up.
> And then, there are the really stupid sales people.  My outgoing message
> basically says this.  "If you are calling to sell us something, please
> start speaking before you hear the tone.  If you are a friend, please
> wait until after the tone and begin speaking and we will call you back.
> So, the other day, I got a call from a sales person that some how got
> through my defenses.  The woman started talking about all the nice
> things she could do to help me with insurance.  Then, there was a pause,
> after which she actually said.  "Oh, I'm sorry, I was supposed to start
> speaking after the tone," and she hung up.  Hmmm! Perhaps she should run
> for political office.
> Neal

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