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Beth, I never let my parrot open a bottle of scotch.  Oh, I forgot,
there was a comma after parrot.

On a more serious note, although what could be more serious than scotch.
I would be happy to do a section on digital recorders minus the ones
that only record in MP3.  There are people on the list who certainly
have more expertise in that area than I do.  I could also do one on
microphones, although we might want to have two categories here based on
high end versus low end or less expensive.  I'll wait to see what
direction people want to go here.


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Yes, Dan, you're correct re getting info by reading text versus
listening to podcasts but that's true whether we're talking FAQ or not
and I haven't seen this as a detriment to info personally.  The listener
can either tape the cast and/or make written notes--in Braille or print.
There is also the important component of the human connection in a
cast--you get to know the contributor and get to hear sounds in the
environment--such as, maybe, a parrot, opening a bottle of Scotch ...
you get the picture--smile.  Beth

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