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Another problem I see with the complete reliance on pod casting is that when a new comer arrives, the amount of links for podcasts on the blind cool tech page is phenomenal and is only going to keep growing. Yes, you can do searches, but in the beginning, you're not always sure what you are looking for, and the amount of information will continue, as it grows, to be more and more daunting to a new comer. the archive too might appear this way given the amount of messages that come through this list per day. The centralization of some of the basic information, with links to the relevant casts or web pages describing certain products, terminology, etc, would be quite a bit easier to navigate. Having said that, the pod casts are great information, and i hope people continue to submit great stuff as they have been doing.


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Beth, that is a good idea, but has two drawbacks as I see it. First, one must take the time to download a podcast, and if things are slow, one might have to wait quite a time for the information. Secondly, one can listen to text at a very highly accelerated rate, but there is a limit to how much you can speed up a cast unless you take it into Sound Forge and triple the speed. It is easier to subcategorize information in text than a podcast. For example, a section on the popular digital recorders might have a general few paragraphs, then wiki like links to a page on each of the popular recorders. 'That way, a person could listen to all, or just a few of the sections. In a cast, it would be difficult to pick and choose the info you wanted, and it would not be possible to link to other things directly.

Whadda ya think?


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