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I've heard of people doing that.  As for me, I've got one of the new DirectTV 
DVR-R15 recorders which is not a Tivo branded recorder.  BTW.  That reminds me 
to ask.  Since the USB port on the recorder is of the same type that pluggs in 
to the PC end of the USB cable, (you know the end of the cable which has the 
little groove you have to line up right) and not the other end of the cable 
which is a little narrower on one side than the other, has anybody figured out 
a way to plug in the recorder to a computer using some kind of USB adapter or 
third party device?  I'd guess that you'd have to have a third party device 
because the port on the recorder looks like the PC end of the USB cable would 
plug directly in to it rather than the device end.
    Would such a scheme as home networking even work with JAWS?  I know 
DirectTV is thinking of trying home networking later this year.  They seem 
frankly, to be unwilling to listen to what I have to say regarding 
accessibility.  so, at this point...you know.

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Does anyone know of a product that will extract the audio from the .ty files 
that are used on the Tivo? I tivo a lot of programs and wish I could listen to 
them on my commute.

Hmm, I wonder if I should do a cast on hacking your tivo. Hacking mine, which 
is Linux-based has been really fun.

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