[bct] Extracting MP3 Audio from Video Files

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  • Date: Thu, 2 Mar 2006 12:43:13 -0800

Hi list,

I just tried the Alive video converter and am really thrilled with it. Remember 
the podcast I did with the procedure I use for audio file conversion? Well, the 
video converter has nearly the same interface. The one difference is that if 
you want to extract audio from a video file (it sends it to an MP3 file), you 
press up arrow to turn on the radio button to extract to MP3. Then tab to set 
the sample size, bit rate, mono or stereo, etc. and press OK. If you don't 
choose to extract audio, it will just convert among video file formats. 

You can get the free trial from http://www.alivemedia.net. I bought it after 
trying it; the trial converts only 60 percent of a file. It is really a great 
product and very easy to use.

I suspect it works with DVD audio but don't know that for sure. So far I'm just 
using it with MPG files but I think MOV files are listed as one of the file 
types, and I think those are on DVD's. The web site has other products that 
look tempting. I paid $29.95 for it, which is about the same price as the MP3 
WAV audio converter.

Mary Emerson
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