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Greetings Neal and List.

I shall throw in my two cents (that's all I've got at the moment), and
agree on the wonderful job that Neal did in his microphone placement
podcast. It was really informative, and definitely made me wish I had
the money, and the inclination to spend that money on high-end
I'm curious if anyone's familiar with the Heil microphone that Adam won
from the Podcast Expo, and which he uses sometimes on Daily Source Code?
It sounds really nice.
I'd like to get a portable digital recorder, but I'm a cheapskate and
rarely buy anything that I don't absolutely need which is over a hundred
dollars. I can afford it, but my nature can't stand it.

Again, an amazing job on the microphone placement podcast.


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Howdy, list.  I just want to personally and very sincerely thank Neal
his outstanding podcast on mics and their uses and placement.  Neal,
keep up the fine work.  We, as blind podcasters, appreciate your
and I, for one, am very anxiously awaiting your next installment.
thank you so much.  This, from an old radio announcer from back when
reel-to-reels were still dying out but were not yet dead.  This is truly
excellent list!!!

Shane Jackson
Hoover, Alabama, USA.
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