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  • Date: Sun, 27 Nov 2005 20:56:24 -0600

Hi Dana. I just tried your trick and it worked. Seizure.
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  Hi Friends:
  My day has been a little frustrating, probably not really on the beam.  As I 
started the day with a good boy post, I thought I'd end it with a bad boy post. 
 For those of us who use Eloquence as our synthesizer, here is a little trick 
to try.  First, make sure that you know how to restart your computer if speech 
goes dead.  What I am about to share will indeed cause Eloquence to crash.  I 
have found a string of characters unaccounted for in the original phonemes 
table and it reeks havoc in most computers.  There is a fix for this that I 
will post later.  I will put periods between the letters so as not to cause 
your computers to crash.
  Simply remove the periods from this string, making it into a whole word and 
see what happens if you let your screen reader read it as part of a line or as 
a whole word.  You can read it one character at a time with no problem.

  Dana Paul Niswonger
  Honestly imperfect.
  Living Life to It's Fullness

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