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  • Date: Wed, 11 Jan 2006 11:37:44 -0800

What kind of battery life does the edirol have, and how many batteries?
The Iriver still has the best battery life.
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Subject: [bct] Re: Edirol

boy you think the edirol sucks juice look at the specs on that tascam. 8
double a batteries will last you 5.5 hours.
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Subject: [bct] Re: Edirol

There is a newly released Tascam recorder, but I don't remember the model
I saw it on the Tascam web sight.
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Subject: [bct] Re: Edirol

Check out


This is just one place that carries it.  I selected it because it had a
better description than some sites I have been to.

List price.  $1,895.00.  I have seen it for as low as $1500.


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Hey, all. I enjoyed the R1 demo on BCT. Anyone know about the R4? I hear it is much more expensive. What is the benefit, if any, of having that versus the R1--which is what I'm thinking of getting. Oh and where would you get Edirol stuff from--them directly or, if a store, which one? Thanks. Beth

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