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I am not crazy about buffet style places either, I walk along and let
someone else pick for me, or I hold a table for our party and my husband
gets what he knows I will eat.  

Rose Combs

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I have to confess that the eating out thing usually has me on the run.  I
usually turn down eating engagements as it is just too much of an ordeal to
go through it.

I avoid 'self service' hot buffet places where you line up for hot food and
point out to the person behind the counter what you want then struggle
through the crowds to pay and find a seat.  We get a lot of free meals in
conference facilities here during workshops that I run but I always opt out
f the food and go get a sandwich instead.

It is more of a problem for me I think because I still have some vision and
most people judge me as sighted even though in most dining situations de to
the low lighting, I am really blind.

I cannot imagine waitresses in this country cutting my meat for me!  I
wouldn't ask.  

I only really eat out if I am with somebody who knows me well or if I have
no choice.

So I guess I am not being an inspiration here.

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