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Hi again Tim:
Right on man! I refuse to let my wife tell me that I don't look like Tully Savoliss, or however his name is spelled. Sorry, somehow, I got the impression that you were married and had a wife whom you must deal with when riding in the car as navigator. I do this regularly and I'm expected to have the right answers when she makes the wrong turn, lol! Sometime soon, I'll post my story called, Laughing Your Eyes Out. You'll love it, really!

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I hate buffet type dining. The only food available at work is self-serve and I find it such a hassle I just don't bother with lunch. I'm also too lazy and unorganised to make my own lunch.

Generally, I don't have trouble cutting up meat, but I do try to avoid
meals which involve meat on the bone. A wedding I went to recently
served half a small duck as the main course - basically, I just didn't
bother trying to work out how to eat it. I'm not that keen on duck
anyway. I also avoid fish that has lots of bones.

The first time I invited people over for dinner after I lost my sight,
I tried to ensure I was really organised and really wanted things to
go well. However, I stuffed up rather badly. After careflly peeling
all the vegetables and putting them aside so that I could use them in
the stir fry, I got the piles mixed up. All my carefully chopped up
vegetables went into the composte bucket and all the tops, tails and
peelings went into the stir fry.

My friends were too embarrassed to say anything and I didn't realise
what had happened until after I had served them and I sat down to eat
mine. Did you know that stir fried onion peel gets the same
consistency and taste  as a plastic bag! Needless to say, the pizza
that night was great!

for me, the thing I hate is when I visit the pub to have a few beers
and catch up with people. If I don't know the pub really well, I can't
find the toilet and for some reason, it makes many people embarrassed
when a 44 year old man asks for assistance to find the toilet.

Shopping is a big problem here. There is no form of on-line grocery
shopping available where I live and its difficult to find someone to
assist me. The local supermarket does have someone available on
Wednesdays, but I work full time and can't go shopping then. I have to
rely on friends to assist me on the weekend, which is a big favor and
often inconvenient for them when they have children and other family
things they need to do. Often, they don't turn up when they are
supposed to and I end up spending most of the day waiting, which is
very frustrating, but there is little I can do because I am
essentially relying on their goodwill and have to just accept what I
can get.

Some of my friends tell me I should find a girlfriend or a wife. I
find such a suggestion a little obnoxious or at the least, misguided
and somewhat exploitative. I'd like to think if I did find a partner
or someone I wanted to marry, it would be motivated by a lot more than
expedience in shopping, cooking, cleaning and living assistance! In
fact, I suspect its my disability that is the main reason I've not
been able to find a partner - I certainly had no problems in this area
prior to my loss of sight and have had no success since, so there is
definitely some sort of link. It could be just how much harder it is
to meet new people when you cannot be as proactively social,
especially for males. Of course, it could also be that I'm older,
fatter, greyer and wrinklier! Who knows, its not like I can look in
the mirror and tell! However, I'm pretty sure I'm more like Sean
connery and am really just getting more handsome and distinguished
looking as I age gracefully - its my dilusion and I'll live with it if
I want to!


Handsome Tim

Jake Joehl writes:
> Same for me. My parents know what I like and don't like, and they sit me
> down at a table and then go get me a plate of food and a drink. Or > sometimes
> I will go through the buffet line with someone, if the place isn't too
> crowded.
> Jake
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> >I am not crazy about buffet style places either, I walk along and let
> > someone else pick for me, or I hold a table for our party and my > > husband
> > gets what he knows I will eat.
> >
> >
> > Rose Combs
> > rosecombs@xxxxxxxxx
> >
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> >
> >
> > I have to confess that the eating out thing usually has me on the run. > > I
> > usually turn down eating engagements as it is just too much of an > > ordeal
> > to
> > go through it.
> >
> > I avoid 'self service' hot buffet places where you line up for hot > > food
> > and
> > point out to the person behind the counter what you want then struggle
> > through the crowds to pay and find a seat. We get a lot of free meals > > in
> > conference facilities here during workshops that I run but I always > > opt
> > out
> > f the food and go get a sandwich instead.
> >
> > It is more of a problem for me I think because I still have some > > vision
> > and
> > most people judge me as sighted even though in most dining situations > > de
> > to
> > the low lighting, I am really blind.
> >
> > I cannot imagine waitresses in this country cutting my meat for me! I
> > wouldn't ask.
> >
> > I only really eat out if I am with somebody who knows me well or if I > > have
> > no choice.
> >
> > So I guess I am not being an inspiration here.
> >
> >
> >
> >
> >
> >
> >
> >

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