[bct] Re: Ear buds - anyone got suggestions?

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  • Date: Sun, 18 Dec 2005 00:45:23 -0500

well jeff on the bct list I recomended the koss plugg. but that would not
work well while you are working your guide dog. They mute a lot of outside
noise. I would suggest a set of over the ear ear phones from sony that run
about $20 each one has a hook that goes behind the ear and they cover the
ear like an ear muff. These are good quality ear phones and you can get them
at radio shack. They do nut cut the noise down that much.
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My ear buds I bought from Radio Shack died and they don't sell the model
that I had from them before.  In fact, they told me I was trying to return
headphones that weren't radio shack brand.  Ohhh well, so much for buying a

So, anyone got any suggestions on a good sounding pair of ear buds? I want
to stick with ear buds so that I can hear when walking with my guide dog so
I can continue to listen to podcasts.


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