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Hi Dana,

Well, more coffee snobery.  I agree that keeping coffee hot in a passive
thermos is the only way to go when using a coffee maker, but I have never
been able to get the quality of coffee out of a brewing machine that I get
when making one cup at a time using a cloth filter and a ceramic cone.  I
used to use paper filters until I found these great cloth ones at our local
coop.  They don't flavor the coffee at all and they last for nearly a year
before beginning to clog.  

I also like using a french press, but I still prefer my one-cup drip method.
I usually only drink one nice strong cup a day, but all this talk about it
is making me want to go and have a second.  


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Dan, amen man!  I have a seal a meal and do the same thing as I use less 
than I buy in a week.  Do you use a thermal pot to keep coffee hot after 
brewing rather than leaving it on the burner that always over cooks?

Dana Paul Niswonger
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> Bill, please, double please, triple please, never, never, never freeze
> your coffee beans.  Many think this is the best way to preserve them, it 
> is not, I assure you.
> When you freeze the beans, the moisture in the air around them turns 
> into
> ice and when thawed, the water goes into the beans and they spoil in a 
> short time, even if they seem okay, their flavor is seriously compromised.
> I use a Talia Food Saver vacuum sealer to seal the extra beans.  I use
> quart Mason or Ball canning jars, the flats can be reused hundreds of 
> times.  The Food Saver has, as an attachment, a little thingie that allows

> you to seal canning jars.  Doing this will allow the beans to keep for 
> months if necessary.  Beans go stale in less time than most think, about a

> week and a half.  When I get the 5 pound bags, I vacuum everything 
> immediately except what I use in a week, about one quart jar of beans. 
> Each week, I open a new jar and they are as fresh as when received.
> As I said to Lois, I really am a coffee snob, I admit it, but I figure 
> for
> what I pay, I might as well get the most flavor possible.
> You're right about Peet's, they used to be first rate, but in 
> spreading
> out like Charbucks, they have fallen into disrepute.  As a rule, grocery 
> store beans have been sitting around a goodly amount of time since they 
> were roasted.  The fresher the beans, the better they will be.  Roasting 
> your own is the best, and it is easy for a blind person to do, too.
> Dan

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