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Hey Dan,
I completely agree with you about coffee.  I drink my coffee black and my
current favorite beans are Italian roast from Café Organica which I can buy
in my local market.  I also have a friend down in the Bay Area who
frequently sends me a pound of fresh roasted beans from Pete's.  I'm afraid
that the quality of Pete's coffee has started to go down a bit, however,
since they have started acting more like Star Bucks and growing so much.  

Do you put the extra beans from the five pound bag in the freezer?  


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Lois, I confess to being a coffee snob.  Flavored coffees usually use a 
lower grade of coffee because the flavor covers up the defects in the 
beans.  A truly high grade of coffee is so good, it would be, to me, an 
insult to flavor it.

Coffee can vary as much in flavor and character as wine does.  The coffees 
from different parts of the world have very distinctive characters and are 
a pleasure to sample.

Now and then, I may add a liqueur or Irish whisky to coffee, but in 
general, I like it straight.  In fact, I like the dark brew of heaven so 
much, I make espresso and drink a triple.


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