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I second that emulsion Dan, lol! Someone gave me an assortment of those flavored coffees and it is still sitting in my cupboard. I drag it out when folks who like to consider themselves coffee connoisseurs come over who are not into the real brew as we seem to be my friend. I also have a MR. Coffee to, well, shall we say, make it in for them. I refuse to have the stuff anywhere near my Bunn.

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Lois, I confess to being a coffee snob. Flavored coffees usually use a lower grade of coffee because the flavor covers up the defects in the beans. A truly high grade of coffee is so good, it would be, to me, an insult to flavor it.

Coffee can vary as much in flavor and character as wine does. The coffees from different parts of the world have very distinctive characters and are a pleasure to sample.

Now and then, I may add a liqueur or Irish whisky to coffee, but in general, I like it straight. In fact, I like the dark brew of heaven so much, I make espresso and drink a triple.


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