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Dan, me too, me too, me too! Never never never! Radio Shack, something called: DSC-720 or like that, never can keep those damn numbers strait. There are 8 RCA. stereo pares or eighth inch inputs, which ever you want to use. It can support two mics and then you only have 6 inputs. There are two output pares or eighth inch lines. All controlled by sliders and it cost $100.00. I have hooked up a VHS. Hi-Fi VCR, stereo cassette, CD player, reel to reel, library CT-1, sound card and both mics.

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Dana, I consider it a sin, a mortal sin, to keep coffee on a burner after brewing. I do not even use a thermal carafe, but brew and drink it by the mug. You see, I use a big professional espresso machine and brew a double shot then cut it with water to make morning coffee. After that, I just drink the straight espresso. After dinner, a power shot. That is a double espresso and a double Scotch...combined.

Now, to business.  You said you had a mixer, what did you get?


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