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I think you forgot one: Panera Bread! There are about two or three Panera
Bread locations near me. They used to be under the name St. Louis Bread
company. They have some of the best bagels around! They have flavored bagels
such as chocolate chip, French toast, and hasiago cheese. They do have coffee too but I'm not a coffee fan so wouldn't know. Besides bagels, they have really good soups, sandwiches and other pastries.
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Hi Mary:
I order my coffee beans from a place in Sacramento California called Java
City.  They take my credit card over the phone and send my beans UPS.
There is a bagel shop in Palm Springs that will do the same and send me an
order over night FED-X, I do this occasionally because nowhere and I mean
nowhere can you get bagels like these in our great country.  I too have
ordered from those places in Wisconsin and like Swiss Colony best.  There
always seems to be something I don't like in the made up boxes from the
other providers.  I love Christmas time because it is when my wife will
let me order such things and we look forward to the treat through eating.

Dana Paul Niswonger
Honestly imperfect.
Living Life to It's Fullness
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Rose, isn't it funny how we get the wrong ideas about things? Those
stories about crawling into the TV are really charming. Some of my
stepdad's relatives owned a dairy farm in Wisconsin. For a real long time
I used to think the cow's milk came out of her mouth when you cranked her
tail! That's what we were always told, and we didn't realize they were
joking with us.

Speaking of Wisconsin, I have a holiday tradition in which I buy a box of
assorted cheeses from one of the excellent retailers; this year it will
be Swiss Colony. I like them because you can get what you like, although
they do have pre-boxed stuff; and they don't call you with all their
latest sales. Figi's is good but they always call you to try to sell more
stuff. I tried Wisconsin Cheeseman one year and it was fine too, but
Swiss Colony is one you just can't beat for picking and choosing and
creating your own box of preferences. Anybody else have any favorite
goodies places?


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