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I don't think I ever dreamed about an old house in which I lived. But a few 
weeks ago I had a weird dream about my apartment building. I dreamed that my 
upstairs neighbors' apartment just started a spiral descent right down next to 
our community room. Theirs was the only apartment that did this. To be honest 
with you though, it often sounds as if their apartment is going to come 
crashing down any second. I can hear it from my bedroom. I think the boys 
wrestle and play arcade games all night or something. I was supposed to go work 
out with one of them this afternoon, but his mom just called and informed me 
that he and his brothers had been sound asleep and forgot to wake up to call 
me. Supposedly though, he's to call me tomorrow. I will not hold it against 
them though I guess. They're actually great guys and they've been very nice to 
have around.
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  Hi all,

  It's spooky when you dream about places where you grew up. I spent most of my 
childhood and all my teen years and a year or so after college in a house that 
was sold five years ago; it's weird dreaming about it as it was, because it's 
not that way any more. I can't recall much about the apartment I lived in for 
eight years, or the first house I lived in up to age 9, but I guess the longer 
you live in a location, the more memories it has. Have you dreamed of a house 
you remember, but rooms are added, or you step outside and suddenly you're in a 
different place? That's really interesting; it's almost like the place takes on 
a life of its own in the dream.


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