[bct] Re: Dreaming

  • From: "ROB MEREDITH" <rmeredith@xxxxxxx>
  • To: <blindcooltech@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Tue, 22 Nov 2005 15:42:38 -0500

Ever dream you are driving a car, motor cycle, or some other vehicle,
suddenly you stop at your destination, and you don't know how you are
going to get back? I have this one once in a while. I have to call a
friend, tell them that I drove to where I am, but I can't drive back,

I also have a recurring dream where I am riding with a blind friend who
is driving along normally through construction and other hazards, and I
suddenly realize this can't be possible, and I go crazy. I try to tell
myself that they must know what they are doing since they have been
driving for years, but it is hard to relax.

-- Rob

>>> maryemerson@xxxxxxxxxxxxx 11/22/05 02:29PM >>>
Dreams are fascinating! I love reading about everyone's experiences and

hearing the podcast remarks. I also have always had light perception
but in 
some dreams, I am driving a car, or controlling a space ship. When I
was a 
child I got around by flying, but I had some falling dreams that scared
so bad I don't fly any more. I also have dreams sometimes where there
is a 
sense of tension and evil, and it gets so strnng that it's a good thing
I wake up. I sometimes have travel dreams that are scary to me although
may not be to other people, things like getting stranded on a huge,
area like a big prairie or some place where there is no help but I have
be some place in a half hour and there is no way I'll get there.

The dreams I love are the playful ones. I dreamed once that I lived in
a big 
amusement park; when I left home I ended up in a big play ground with
of food, lots of things to do. During a stressful time at work, I had a

dream that instead of going to work I ended up at a big carnival. You
go anywhere in this carnival by standing there and wishing you were
and the ground moved and suddenly you were at your destination. I hated
wake up from that dream because as I said, it was a real time of stress
my life.

It's fascinating how so many on this list who had sight at some time
still dream in color. Jake and others who have never seen probably
like I do; you dream as if you're awake, and blind, but you can do
things a 
blind person can't do, like driving a car and in some way just knowing
you are going without any mobility assistance. It's a neat feeling,


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