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I have fallen asleep during the news and then after that used to be Jeopardy
came on.  I cannot tell you how many times I was winning when I woke up, I
could repeat any of the questions and answers that had been on that show and
had I really been playing I'd been winning.  

In reality, though I don't do well with trivia it takes me too long to come
up with the answers, just ask those folks I tried to play with on Genie.  I
never got the answers in on time.  

Rose Combs

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Another strange thing that happens to me sometimes is that if I sleep when I
really don't need it, or if I've really had enough sleep, but I stay in bed
and sleep some more, perhaps just because I'm drowsy and it feels good, I
dream crazy things.  They're not scary, just goofy.  If the radio is on,
sometimes I'll dream that I'm a part of whatever's on the radio.  The radio
I have at the head of my bed has tv sound.  I have had dreams merge with the
action on a tv program.  It's really crazy.  I'm thinking there's some kind
of merge between input to the brain and what's already in there. Lois

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