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I am laughing at that one.  

I don't think I ever had a crush on a TV person.  

Rose Combs

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Hi Rose:
No, I don't remember that one although I am old enough.  Here's a laugh 
regarding TV. shows.  I had a mad crush on Sally Fields in her roll as the 
Flying Nun until my older brother told me that Nuns are married to God and 
don't have sex, lol!  I still hate him for ruining my first real torrid 
fantasized relationship.

Dana Paul Niswonger
Honestly imperfect.
Living Life to It's Fullness
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Anyone old enough to remember and early 1960's TV show called "NAKED CITY?"
Well, for the longest time I thought all the characters were actually
naked,.  I finally asked my step-sister about it and she howled with
laughter and said the show would never be on TV if that were the case.

I also remember when I was about four we had one of those old tall
television sets and something was wrong with it, I went behind it and tried
to crawl into the cabinet so I could be an actress on TV.

Rose Combs

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I sometimes have those types of dreams too. I used to have dreams about
walking or riding to school with no clothes on. Funny thing was, everyone
thought it was absolutely normal for me. I guess the people in my dreams had
no clothes on either and they thought this was perfectly normal behavior.
Oh, dreams are so fascinating! Jake
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> Ever dream you are driving a car, motor cycle, or some other vehicle, 
> suddenly you stop at your destination, and you don't know how you are 
> going to get back? I have this one once in a while. I have to call a 
> friend, tell them that I drove to where I am, but I can't drive back, 
> obviously.
> I also have a recurring dream where I am riding with a blind friend 
> who is driving along normally through construction and other hazards, 
> and I suddenly realize this can't be possible, and I go crazy. I try 
> to tell myself that they must know what they are doing since they have 
> been driving for years, but it is hard to relax.
> -- Rob
>>>> maryemerson@xxxxxxxxxxxxx 11/22/05 02:29PM >>>
> Dreams are fascinating! I love reading about everyone's experiences 
> and
> hearing the podcast remarks. I also have always had light perception 
> but in some dreams, I am driving a car, or controlling a space ship. 
> When I was a child I got around by flying, but I had some falling 
> dreams that scared me
> so bad I don't fly any more. I also have dreams sometimes where there
> is a
> sense of tension and evil, and it gets so strnng that it's a good thing
> when
> I wake up. I sometimes have travel dreams that are scary to me although
> they
> may not be to other people, things like getting stranded on a huge,
> open
> area like a big prairie or some place where there is no help but I have
> to
> be some place in a half hour and there is no way I'll get there.
> The dreams I love are the playful ones. I dreamed once that I lived in 
> a big amusement park; when I left home I ended up in a big play ground 
> with lots of food, lots of things to do. During a stressful time at 
> work, I had a
> dream that instead of going to work I ended up at a big carnival. You 
> could go anywhere in this carnival by standing there and wishing you 
> were there, and the ground moved and suddenly you were at your 
> destination. I hated to
> wake up from that dream because as I said, it was a real time of stress
> in
> my life.
> It's fascinating how so many on this list who had sight at some time 
> can still dream in color. Jake and others who have never seen probably 
> dream like I do; you dream as if you're awake, and blind, but you can 
> do things a
> blind person can't do, like driving a car and in some way just knowing
> where
> you are going without any mobility assistance. It's a neat feeling,
> isn't
> it!
> Mary

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