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Keep it coming!  Loving every minute of it man!

Dana Paul Niswonger
Honestly imperfect.
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Rose, that was very intuitive and compassionate on your part. Not many people can let go in the way you did and give another, pet or person, permission to leave when it is time. We fear death so much here in the West that we do anything to prolong life, even if that life is an internal torture.

Since I believe in the permanence of the soul, I have no doubt your pups are still existing, though in a form we do not fully understand from this vantage point.

They may have been reincarnated in other forms, but the souls, the spirits that you had and loved do not change any more than yours does over the millenia.

Hum, I feel several podcasts coming on from this...all I need is that recorder I'll get myself for Christmas and a good microphone.

Dan, getting more mystical

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