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Hi Jake,
I think there's a kernel of truth in that dreams can help us work out our
frustrations.  Actions which might be construed as inappropriate are all
right in our dreams.


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> Hi Lois. Interesting. I have had only light perception since the age of 6
> months, yet I have had some of the strangest dreams, you would not
> I was working out at the local YMCA over the weekend with a neighbor
> As it happened he had been rather lax on returning my phone calls and he
> openly admitted that, so we discussed that and he did actually have a very
> legitimate reason for not returning my calls. He said it had nothing to do
> with me, and I honestly believe him. So we got to talking, as all good
> friends do, and I told him that I had this dream where I went up to his
> bedroom at about 3 in the morning, woke him up, and started screaming at
> and beating him with my cane. I did all this because I was really ticked
> at him for failing to call me back and hang out with me. He cracked up,
> I told him that in reality I'd never do anything remotely like that. He
> me that he'd never yell at me. Last night he called and invited me out for
> coffee with him and a new resident of our building. So that is where I'll
> later on today.
> Jake
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> > Interesting comments about dreams are coming forth.  Another good topic!
> > I had
> > some sight until some time before school age.  I'm not sure now just
> > I
> > became totally blind, but I may have been four years of age.  So I have
> > not
> > mentally focused  on things visual.  I think I remember accurately,
> > colors; but not various shades and hues which have been given odd names
> > like
> > camel, tope, peuce, etc.  Usually I don't dream in color.  Most of the
> > time my
> > dreams don't have visual content.  But strangely, once in a while I do
> > dream in
> > vivid color. At times in dreams I have seen bright, well manicured lawns
> > bordered by white sidewalks.  Other times I've seen the black medium
> > dog I
> > grew up with. Dreams seem to have much to do with what's going on in
> > head,
> > and what's in the memory and subconscious.
> > Lois
> >
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