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In 1987 we had our first pet lab mix put to sleep after she was discovered
to have advanced liver cancer at just over ten years old.  About four days
later I dreamed she came back to let me know she was very happy now, no more
pain, no aches, and lots of fresh air, and such.  

We then adopted a collie about a year later and had her for several years,
she had a massive seizure or stroke, and died and a few days later she too
came with our first dog to tell me they were both happy and best friends.
Only a few months later we had to put down our 15-year-old Corgi mix and
about four days later she was in my dream with the other two dogs and they
were happy, tail-wagging puppies, having the time of their lives.  I became
acquainted with the Rainbow Bridge poem about that time so it was a nice
place to think of them.  

When Smokey, our lab who had a neurologic disorder in her head and face
which eventually made her unable or unwilling to swallow much was also
diagnosed with pneumonia and the vet kept telling us she was only nine and
that she was still wagging her tail and we should do everything possible for
her, including giving her shots at home,, but she kept getting worse no
matter what we did, going from about  an 80 pound dog to about 50 pounds in
less than a month, we really wanted her to go to Rainbow Bridge.  

I got the poem off the internet, put it on the Braille Note, and took it in
to one of her favorite places to lie down.  She was there.  I sat down, next
to her, read her the poem, talked to her about all the freedom from her pain
she would find there and the four other doggies we had sent to Rainbow
bridge over the past 20 years.  I told her that we loved her, that we knew
she loved us but if she felt it was her time we would understand if she
wanted to go to Rainbow Bridge.  

She was so very tired, but she licked my hand once and sighed.  She fell
asleep and I left and about ten minutes later she made a strange sound and
was gone.  

She too visits me occasionally in dreams to tell me how happy she is now.  

She along with the others are up there waiting for us I think.  

Rose Combs

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Hi Everyone.

I have been listening and reading with great fascination about people's 
dream experiences. Many of mine sound quite similar to yours, Mary. In 
particular, I used to have and sometimes still do have dreams where I am 
falling. Mostly they're when in a plane, but I recall one when I was falling

backwards off a swing. I have lots of dreams about rushing somewhere that I 
know I'm not going to make. These seem to be centred around schools or work 
places. I'm usually packing and running late and get really stressed about 
the timeframes. I have lately started having dreams where I'm a passenger in

a car and the driver is passing another driver. The engine is revved up 
really high, we're going really fast, and I am terrified that we are going 
to be hit head-on. I know that often these sorts of dreams signify other 
stuff going on in one's life but I'm not sure what these ones relate to. I'm

blind in these dreams. I lost all my sight by the age of two years and never

dream in colour or anything like that. I often am driving though or know 
someone across the road even though I couldn't if I didn't see. I sometimes 
am using my dog and it might be Enya my current Guide or Tosca my previous 
one. I also have lots of dreams with Tosca in them. She is no longer with 
me, having been put to sleep at almost 15 when her organs shut down after 
she developed diabetes. I really enjoy the dreams when she is present as I 
strongly believe it really is her reassuring me that she is happy or 
watching over me. Unlike many on the list who have spoken out, I do not 
believe in a God necesssarily but I do believe there is some sort of 
after-life and I am very interested in things spiritual.

Paula and Enya. 

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