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It is really weird too because you can hear it everywhere you go, all over
the house, outside, even if you dream you left your home for some place

I don't know about anyone else, but when I do that a lot I wake up, go back
and read the segments again and I already know what has happened.  

A nephew and I watched a movie one night but I fell asleep on the sofa.
When I woke up he was telling me all about the trial of one of the
characters and I told him even more, he could not believe it, kept telling
me I was sleeping but I was the main character in the movie in my dream.  

Rose Combs

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I've had the dream about radio too. It usually happens when talking books or

the Braille Lite or something, especially a radio, is playing in the 
background and I fall asleep and dream about trying to turn it off. I guess 
what we do is hear it in one part of the brain and it filters into the 
dream. It's really strange all the ways that can be invented to turn it off,

but as you say, nothing ever works.


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