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One recurrent dream for me is that I have crossed a street almost but just
as I almost reach the curb something happens and I turn to a statue, no
matter how hard I try I cannot step up on the curb or move toward it and the
light changes and I wake up in a cold sweat.  It is one of the times I have
absolutely no control of the dream, I cannot run, fly, jump, I just have to
stand there.  I started having this dream about the time I started learning
to do street crossings with a cane and whenever I am really stressed it
comes back.  

One night I was dreaming a dog was biting me on the butt, and although
normally I may scream in a dream I have never actually talked in my sleep
that I know of but this time I started hollering help, help!  My husband was
in the shower and heard me, came running only to find me sound asleep, he
woke me and I told him the dog--our friendly Lab, Charles was biting me and
he told me Charles was sleeping out in the living room.  It was weird.  

My husband says I don't talk in my sleep normally, but he says he has
suspected when he has asked me a question late at night about Word Perfect
and now Word that I might answer him in my sleep because I don't generally
remember him asking or giving an answer the next day.  

Rose Combs

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Ever dream you are driving a car, motor cycle, or some other vehicle,
suddenly you stop at your destination, and you don't know how you are going
to get back? I have this one once in a while. I have to call a friend, tell
them that I drove to where I am, but I can't drive back, obviously.

I also have a recurring dream where I am riding with a blind friend who is
driving along normally through construction and other hazards, and I
suddenly realize this can't be possible, and I go crazy. I try to tell
myself that they must know what they are doing since they have been driving
for years, but it is hard to relax.

-- Rob

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Dreams are fascinating! I love reading about everyone's experiences and

hearing the podcast remarks. I also have always had light perception but in 
some dreams, I am driving a car, or controlling a space ship. When I was a 
child I got around by flying, but I had some falling dreams that scared me 
so bad I don't fly any more. I also have dreams sometimes where there is a 
sense of tension and evil, and it gets so strnng that it's a good thing when

I wake up. I sometimes have travel dreams that are scary to me although they

may not be to other people, things like getting stranded on a huge, open 
area like a big prairie or some place where there is no help but I have to 
be some place in a half hour and there is no way I'll get there.

The dreams I love are the playful ones. I dreamed once that I lived in a big

amusement park; when I left home I ended up in a big play ground with lots 
of food, lots of things to do. During a stressful time at work, I had a

dream that instead of going to work I ended up at a big carnival. You could 
go anywhere in this carnival by standing there and wishing you were there, 
and the ground moved and suddenly you were at your destination. I hated to 
wake up from that dream because as I said, it was a real time of stress in 
my life.

It's fascinating how so many on this list who had sight at some time can 
still dream in color. Jake and others who have never seen probably dream 
like I do; you dream as if you're awake, and blind, but you can do things a 
blind person can't do, like driving a car and in some way just knowing where

you are going without any mobility assistance. It's a neat feeling, isn't 


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