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Hello and welcome, Jessie!
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  Hi Listers-
  I am a new member to the Blind Cool Tech email list. I love the pod casts so 
much I wanted to get to know this sliver of my community better.
  I am proud to know you all. Kim and Darren, you both are great. My boyfriend 
and I are both blind and I love listening to you both speak about your 
experiences as a couple. 

  Any how, the question I have is about the Iriver H10.  I believe that I 
purchased a machine that is not compatible with Rockbox by mistake. Has anyone 
out there successfully gotten Rockbox to run on the H10? I think that I'm going 
to end up selling this one on Ebay and starting from scratch again here...  It 
is possible however that I am just doing something wrong- so I wanted to ask 
the list if anyone has gotten Rockbox to run on the H10 successfully.

  This list has quite a bit of traffic. Feel free to email me off list at:

  San Francisco, CA

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