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The extra filler is one reason why the schools do not recommend using
that type of food.  
I think the brand of food is a personal preference.  I got my second dog
from GDD and they fed Flint River Ranch, saying that it was the best.
When I got home with Gordy, I had that food delivered to my house.  A
few years later the distributor called me to say   they were no longer
selling FRR so I called the school  to ask about where to get the food.
The school was under new management and they had bad things to say about
that food and were  no longer using it.  I couldn't get that food here
so I switched to another brand.  Gordy was healthy and never had any
problems with FRR so I did not believe their accusations.  
I enjoyed   your Poodle cast.

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I've heard that the dog food that you get from grocery stores has a lot
of worthless fillers and bi-products such as beaks, straw, etc. and I
also read somewhere that sometimes meat from unhealthy animals that have
been put down is used--food often containing traces of the medication
used. I feed Josef Flint River Ranch, supposedly the next best thing to
a raw diet. 


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