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I have a few, yes. I have many more to scan, and I by *no* means have anything close to a comprehensive collection ... but honestly, that's one thing I love about Doctor Who. If a person follow the continuity, it's great ... but if a person's like me and didn't know where to begin so just dove right in, they're not really at a loss. As long as you accept that the Doctor has a companion with him and has had many over the course of the series, the stories are pretty self-contained. Well ... the ones I've read/seen/heard, anyway.
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You don't happen to have any of those novvelizations scanned somewhere, do you? I'd love to read some of em! Yes, the BF audios are fantastic, really. Love 'em, love 'em!

BTW, yes, the darkerprojects.com stuff is pretty nice. You just reminded me to go and see if there's another chapter of their new series....

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