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You and me both, sir! (Well, I don't know if I like Doctor Who *better* than Star Trek ... it certainly seems less encumbered by its history (which is odd, because it has more of a history than Star Trek). I've not seen the new series either ... in fact, most of my exposure to DW comes from the Big Finish audio productions. I've seen a few of the original TV eps, but read more of the TV episode novelizations. So as weird as this sounds, I became a Doctor Who fan through everything *except* the Doctor Who series.

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Star Trek, the original is my favorite science fiction TV. show.
Nah. Gotta be said. Doctor Who is the best! The newer series that's just started this year is pretty good, but I gottta say--I like the older ones better, even if it's good to see the Doctor back on (even if I have to get the episodes in a somewhat less than, umm, legal fashion since the Beeb won't show them heere...sigh...still gonna buy the DVD's though!)

Now excuse me while I go hide behind the sofa.

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