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Well, I hate to break up this little Dell bashing thread, but I have two
of them in the house and they both work perfectly fine.  Let's see now,
where would I find some wood to nock on?  I will say, however, that they
are not lap-tops.  Also, the tech support I have gotten lately has been
abominable.  So the bottom line is, as long as it works, I'm OK, but if
I have to depend on those tech support guys to help me fix it, I'd
rather have Jake do the job all on his own.  Well, perhaps he could
bring Larry along too.


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Hi ho the dairy-o,
I'd never have a Dell.

The educational or corporate versions of Dels are okay because they are 
vanilla systems, but every one I have had or known of that is a consumer

model in the past three years is not worth the powder to blow it across


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