[bct] Directing Screen Reader To Play Through A Particular Sound Card

  • From: "Mika Pyyhkala" <pyyhkala@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: <blindcooltech@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Mon, 20 Feb 2006 08:10:22 -0500

Is there any way to direct the speech of screen readers to a particular
sound card?
I am running a Dell Latitude D600 Windows Xp Pro sp2 laptop.  It has an on
board SigmaTel sound card, and I have a Griffen Technologies USB Imic
connected.  The Imic is both a microphone and has headphone jacks and seems
to act as an external   Sound Card.
This all came about as I am testing various ways to record Skype calls.
I have come up with a work around to direct Jaws audio to the Imic, and to
have the rest of audio go through the on board sound card, but wonder if
there is an easier way to do this.
Right now:
1.  I reboot the computer with the USB IMic plugged in;
2.  The system boots up and Jaws speaks through the USB Imic sound card.
Jaws starts as a service; and
3.  Now if I select in control Panel>Sounds the SigmaTel (on board sound
card) I will get my Jaws audio through the Imic headset, and the rest of
Windows audio through the on board sound card.
4.  I believe that if I shut down Jaws and restart it it will play through
the on board sound card.
This can be handy say if recording a Skype call you won't hear Jaws on the
Right now to record Skype I am using Sound Tap from:
But is there a more straightforward way of directing a screen reader as to
which sound card you want it to use?

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