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Joni, there are no dumb questions.  I have only recently been thrust into
podcasting, digital recorders and the like.  Lynnette, my roommate, is so
into all of this and has, as she likes to say, strong-armed me gently along
with her.  I have to admit, though, that I have caught the BCT fever, and am
trying to catch up with everything as well. So, welcome to the club.

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> I am not even ready for Digital Recorders 101.  I know there are lots of
> podcasts at BCT about digital recorders, and I admit I have not listened
> all of them yet.  I am embarrassed to admit to the level of my ignorance,
> but here goes!
> What does a digital recorder record on?  Is it removable media or some
> of chip?  How does a digital recorder interface with a computer?  Does it
> use a USB connection?  Do you need a program on your computer in order to
> edit a digital recording?  Is Studio Recorder such a program?  What format
> does a digital recorder record in?  Is there a podcast at BCT which covers
> these sort of basic questions that I should download and listen to?  When
> you are making a digital recording, can you stop the recording and resume
> later or do you have to record in one fell swoop and edit later? I frankly
> don't know where to start in this whole area.
> Now my face matches Rudolph's red nose!
> Joni

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