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  • From: "Joni Colver" <joni.colver@xxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Sun, 4 Dec 2005 17:42:02 -0600

Thanks so much David.  I don't think I would need an equalizer.  Will have 
to give some more thought to Studio Recorder and Goldwave.

Just to make sure I understand this correctly though: Goldwave can convert 
files to other formats but Studio Recorder cannot?

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I have one suggestion for you, based on your comments.  I use Sound Forge, 
and while it is a wonderful program, it is very expensive unless you get the 
Studio version, and if you are going to do that you would be better off to 
get Goldwave from http://www.goldwave.com.  I really don't think you could 
find a software with more features for the price.  Now, let me go on to say 
that it depends a little bit on what it is you want to do.  The "Studio 
Recorder" software is about as easy and as accessible as they get, but it 
does not include an equalizer, which you will want if you are thinking about 
editing music.

The fact is, I don't think that there is any way a person can do as precise 
editing with speech output with any software than you can with "studio 
Recorder", and I use my copy weekly for editing my radio programs just 
because it is so much easier than with anything else.

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From: "Joni Colver" <joni.colver@xxxxxxxxxxx>
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Subject: [bct] Re: Digital recorders for Dummies

:I have listened to several podcasts, from Jamie, Mary, Jeremiah and Rob and
: Larry.  My inclination at this point is to ask Santa for an Olympus DS2
: recorder.  Is this a good choice for a beginner?  I think I remember 
: or reading somewhere that this recorder records in WMA in stereo and DSS 
: mono.  Can sound editing programs convert these two file types to MP3?
: I read the specs on Sound Recorder and it sounds nice, but, it may be
: overkill for what I am probably going to want to do.  How much is Sound
: Forge and where can I find it?  Where can I fine wave pad or whatever it 
: called and how easy is it to use?  I like the fact that Sound Recorder
: sounds so accessible, but, it may be a bit like cooking a TV dinner in 
: Child's kitchen in my hands.
: I don't have a good foundation in audio terminology and I also feel I 
: have a very discerning ear.  It was interesting listening to Rob and Larry
: discuss sample rates, etc., but all of that is way, way over my head.  I
: didn't feel too bad though since Larry said he didn't totally grasp it
: either.  I am in good company there!
: Thanks for your advice and patience with someone who has no technical
: expertise whatsoever when it comes to things audio.
: Joni

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