[bct] Digital Recorder for Sustained Use

  • From: Robert Martin <robert.martin@xxxxxxx>
  • To: blindcooltech@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Wed, 29 Mar 2006 08:47:17 -0600

Good Morning BCT Listers,

I have read with interest the extensive discussion on this list of many digital 
recorders and have a pretty good idea of which recorders many of you consider 
the best buy for the money and which are most usable  with the best sound 
quality.  I am considering the purchase of a recorder, but my needs are a 
little different.  I am a college teacher, researcher, and low-level 
administrator.  IN doing my work for years I have made extensive and regular 
use of tape recorders to read some books, and some internal communications 
within the university.  Scanners have changed the way in which I do work but 
because of my research as a historian and because some documents simply will 
not scan sufficiently well to be usable, I still make extensive use of tapes.  
I'm tired of tapes and both they and recorders are passing from the scene.  I 
would like some advice on what kind of digital recorder would be most useful to 
me to record materials.  this might involve recording several hours a day 
occasionally and I also want something with reasonably good sound quality, 
substantial memory (compact flash cards etc. would be fine) and the ability to 
transfer files back and forth between recorder, computer, and perhaps a 
portable device like a Bookport.  I like the looks of the Olympus 320m for 
taping lectures etc but I suspect for the kind of recording I need to do 
something else might be preferable.  Any suggestions anyone has will be much 
appreciated.  I have two old General Electric tape recorders from American 
Printing House which I have  used for years and which still serve me well but 
they can't last much longer and I need to turn toward new and improved 
technology.  Thanks for any help.


Bob Martin 

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