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The R1 preamp is kind of noisy, you have to use something that'll drive the
preamp harder.  Welcome to Giant Squid Audio Lab mics,
www.giant-squid-audio-lab.com.  Honestly, if it weren't for a few issues I
have with SPL, they'd blow the Sound Pro's out of the water.  That's OK
though because I think the guy is going to modify the unpowered ones to take
some more SPL, I will be picking those up shortly.
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And it gets worse.  I just got my second M-Audio Microtrack recorder.
It too has some problems that can't be lived with.  The outputs on the
recorder seem not to be grounded, so when you plug it into any sound
source, you get lots of hum.  It would seem that the quality control
at M-Audio is not very good.  It does do a nice job for the money and
is very portable, but as I said in my podcast, the battery can not be
removed and has to be sent back for replacement.  I sent an email to
M-Audio about a week ago asking how they would be handling this and to
date, I have gotten no response.  So, I'm sending back my second unit
and calling it quits for now.  I do have the luxury of having a very
nice but very expensive Hard drive recorder that writes to a 40 gig
hard drive and also to flash cards.  It will record 24 bit and 192
sampling rate.  But, I understand that most people are not going to go
there.  I'll keep my ears open for something else that might come
along.  And, I might give m-audio a chance after I think they may have
worked out some of the hardware bugs.  I would try the Edirol, but it
sounds like I would be paying for a lot of effects I don't need and it
would appear that the mike preamps are quite too noisy for me.

Sorry I Don't have better news.


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I would say the ws series would be just about perfect if they hadn't
dropped the highest quality setting down to 64 kbps.  I love the
design of the usb port.  Surely there has to be something out there...

>>> maryemerson@xxxxxxxxxxxxx Thursday, October 20, 2005 8:16:31 AM
Hi all,

I poked around on the Sound Professionals web site and Amazon and
couldn't find anything promising. The high-end ones on the SP site
were over $2,000; there was one for about $400 but it uses minidiscs
which defeats the whole purpose of portability. I looked at some Sony
recorders and they use memory sticks and I suspect the quality doesn't
measure up.

I noticed the lack of low-end sould on the podcasts recorded with the
WS200S, and compared that to the latest one where there's much more
frequency range; on the WS200S the cars sound like they are on a wet
street, but the Olympus and iRiver make them sound more realistic. Not
sure if that's what other people noticed or not. I may go for the
WS320 anyway since I would really like the higher capacity and it
doesn't make much difference with the kind of stuff I record.

After briefly looking around, things don't look too promising. I
noticed that some companies are combining digital voice with small


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