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If you're ready to spend $399 but don't want a minidisk, the Ederal R1 really 
would do.  I have a friend who's got one and loves it.
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  Hi all,

  I poked around on the Sound Professionals web site and Amazon and couldn't 
find anything promising. The high-end ones on the SP site were over $2,000; 
there was one for about $400 but it uses minidiscs which defeats the whole 
purpose of portability. I looked at some Sony recorders and they use memory 
sticks and I suspect the quality doesn't measure up.

  I noticed the lack of low-end sould on the podcasts recorded with the WS200S, 
and compared that to the latest one where there's much more frequency range; on 
the WS200S the cars sound like they are on a wet street, but the Olympus and 
iRiver make them sound more realistic. Not sure if that's what other people 
noticed or not. I may go for the WS320 anyway since I would really like the 
higher capacity and it doesn't make much difference with the kind of stuff I 

  After briefly looking around, things don't look too promising. I noticed that 
some companies are combining digital voice with small cameras.


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