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Greetings Rose.

You can go to:

Their application is really tiny for what it does, so even dialup users
can download it fairly quickly. It's a trial, but here's how the trial
You can run the program sans limitations under the trial. You are
allowed 250 commands before the program stops working. Once you've
breached the 250 command limit, simply close the program and open it
again. This is completely legal and endorsed by the author(s) of the

There are several areas where you can find tips and information on how
to operate the Goldwave sound editing program. If you need help finding
a source of information or even if you just need an answer to a question
without having to go digging through loads of documentation, feel free
to ask. I'm no expert with the program, but I have used it fairly

What's nice about Goldwave (and several other audio editing packages as
well) is that you can record your podcast in multiple files, then bring
them all into Goldwave for editing. Doing it this way makes editing a
lot easier (in my opinion), since less time is required to process each
portion. You can edit MP3's with the program, but note that it will
first decompress the file before opening which requires some time.

It's a nice little program, and has been an indispensable part of my
audio editing hobbies (along with the three or four other programs that
also fall into that category).


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He does not have any of those programs on his computer that I know of,
neither do I.  Thanks, I will get there but it may take a while as we
busy lives.  

We actually went looking for a recording program the other day at Best
and wee actually sort of surprised at the lack of software titles, seems
they don't have nearly as may options as they once had.  

Rose Combs

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Rose and all,

Another option would be for you to do your career podcast on a tape 
recorder; then, if your husband has a PC and it has something like
Pro or Sound Forge or Studio Recorder or some other recording software
it, he could set his input to line input, and record to a .wav or mp3
directly from your tape.

I did this with some stuff I did for Main Menu on ACB Radio; true, it

come out too well due to my lack of experience at the time, but it's 
possible. I don't know if your husband even has a computer, so it may
even be possible to record directly from a tape, but it's just a


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