[bct] Differences between minidisk recorder models

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Hi, this is the same message I sent earlier, but I should have changed
the subject in case people were looking for specific information.  Neal

Stephen, Searching for the model numbers you gave yielded no results in
Google.  So I assume you may mean the following.  the Sony MZ-N710 and
the MZR900 recorder.  Neither of these are High MD recorders.  As to the
differences between them, I can not say.  I have the MZR900 which has
the jog wheel and not the tiny wheel of the MZRH10 I reviewed yesterday.
The 900 and the h10 have a lot of features in common other than one
being high md and the other not, so let me know what more you want to
know and I'll try to help with differences between the 900 and the h10.
I don't know much about the other one.


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I've been wondering something about the high MD recorders. I know some
people with different models which, as far as I can determine, do
exactly the same thing. Does anyone here know the difference between the
MZH-N710, MZ-HR900, and the MZRH-10? There has to be something, but I've
no idea what it could be.

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> Neal,

> Some of us are3 on both lists; and yes, that was a great podcast on
> the minidisc recorder. Mary Emerson
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